Chat with Selma and get your individual investmentplan and your promo-code. Share your promo-code with your friends and use it when you open your account. 😊

Do you have a test account with Selma? Log in to check that your investor profile and plan are up to date. Once everything looks good, apply your promo code and open your Selma investment account online.

The invitation works for the new accounts only.

In case you already invest with Selma, invite others to join. For every person who uses your code to open a Selma investment account, both of you will get up to 5’000 CHF investment managed for free for 12 months. 💪


Shared your invite code? 😍

Thank you for spreading the word! For each friend that uses your personal code and invests with Selma, you will also get 5’000 CHF worth of investments managed for free – for one year.

Of course! For every new client, you will have additional 5’000 CHF investments managed for free for 12 months. 🎉

Your monthly Selma management fee will be paid back directly on your Selma investment account. 👍