How should you invest your money best?

Finding the right investments is difficult. Your finale decision should depend on your overall financial situation, your risk relationship and your future goals.

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Get to your tailor-made investment plan with Selma


Selma is your personal investment assistant, who looks into all aspects of your life and puts together an individual investment plan that fits your goals and future.

She accompanies you and will keep your investment plan on track for years to come.

This is how it works


Let Selma get to know you in a simple 6 minute chat

By asking you about existing investments, goals, savings potential, real-estate and anything else that could impact the choice of investments, she gets to know you.


Get an individual investment plan, tailored-made for you

Selma puts an investment plan & strategy together that works for you and your future. At Selma we opt for ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) in order to build a balanced, global plan.

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The moment you start to invest, Selma’s real work will start

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Step-by-step investing

Selma looks at market conditions, figures out the right time and starts investing your money step-by-step.


Market monitoring

Selma monitors markets 24/7 to keep an eye on new, better and cheaper investment products for you.

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Financial life adjustments

Your life and your investments will always match at Selma. Personal support by Selma makes sure investments always fit your situation.


Smart trading

Selma uses a very robust and proven investment strategy based on constantly measuring over and under valuations of markets.

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