Investment theme


Invest only in companies that meet ESG sustainability standards. 🥦


Leave out 

companies that deal with

Weapons & firearms

Tobacco & alcohol

Gambling & adult entertainment

Genetically modified food (GMOs)

Nuclear power or thermal coal



companies that face scandals with

Environmental issues

Customer protection


Human rights

Bribery & fraud


Invest more

in companies that

Reduce their carbon footprint

Keep water usage low

Source their raw material sustainably

Handle their waste sustainably

Support CleanTech

Use renewable energy

Work in green buildings

Treat their employees well

Support diversity

Pay fair salaries

Don’t throw around ridiculous bonuses 


Sustainable investing is tricky

  1. There's no universal way to define it.

  2. The idea of what sustainability means changes with time.

  3. Finding "good companies" is ... hmm. Complicated. 😅

  4. Keeping an eye on how well companies "behave" is even harder.


Selma will do her best so you can do good. To be honest, it's quite a non-stop work-in-progress because the market is developing constantly. Once you invest, my team and I will keep on looking for even better options. 🤓🌎

Patrik Schär, CFA

CEO, Founder, Financial advisor