Imagine yourself 15 minutes from now


Money situation – checked
Investment plan – done
Investment account – opened


Closing your laptop (or phone)
Calling it a day
Opening Reddit


I'm Selma. Let's get you started with investing. 👋


Learn all about your money

Are you doing the right things with your cash? How much could you invest? What about saving? Chat with Selma to figure it all out. 🤓


Get a plan

Everyone’s life is a bit different. Selma figures out what kind of low-cost, ready-to-buy investment mix fits your financial situation.

  • 😎 Explore for free.
  • Open account in minutes, online.
  • Invest for the years to come.

Selma handles everything else


Manages your plan


Tracks markets


Thinks of timing


Buys & sells investments


Yearly tax report


Financial check-ups


Makes things clear


Supports along the way 💪


Like having your own digital Swiss private banker, with superpowers

– a crew with humans & computers taking care of your investments, as markets move and your life changes. 🤓💪


One monthly fee for everything Selma does

+ Products’ costs. That’s all.


Selma service fee, from CHF 1.20 /m

0,72% per year includes
  • Secure bank account in your name 🔐
  • Stamp duty
  • Swiss tax statement
  • All transactions
  • All bank costs
  • Trading
  • 24/7 monitoring of markets
  • Detecting under- and overpriced markets
  • Updating investment plan to your life
  • Selma crew support via chat and email
  • All future Selma service updates

Product costs from ~ CHF 0.37 / m

av. 0,2% per year

Products that Selma buys and sells on your behalf always come with costs of their own. Selma will keep on looking for the most cost-efficient ways to invest for you. 🤓

Price example

Selma's fee and product fees for CHF 15'000 invested would be around CHF 11,50/month, in total.


Open account in minutes

All online! Available for 18+ -year old Swiss residents. 🇨🇭🔐

Save monthly

Add or withdraw money at all times, without extra costs. 😊

Invest for years

Ideally, 3-5+ years and up. If you ever need to stop or slow down, that's ok too.


Selma is the first Swiss financial service that has been built together with the people like you.

700+ direct feedbacks, hundreds survey replies, dozens user tests, a contributor community and the open product roadmap. All to make Selma work for you – as it should.

What really made a big difference, for me, was Selma's close contact with customers.


Selma gives me a certain peace of mind that I do not get from other ways of investing. 👍

Juan Carlos

With Selma I can invest without this nagging feeling.



Hoi Reddit!

Not only you cope with our ads, you were the first community to test and review our service! 😊

As a little thank-you gift, all Redditors get 12 months of service fees waived for 5'000 CHF investment. That's 36 CHF.


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