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Doing the smart thing with your money is important. The question is: how to get it done? 🤔

It's hard to figure out where to start, what to invest in and how much it would cost. Regardless whether you're just starting or already tested the waters, there are hurdles on the way. Financial jargon, small print, and weird products make investing more annoying that it should be.

That's why Patrik Schär, former Banker from Arth, and his team developed a digital personal investor – Selma. 

Selma, an online investment assistant, analyses your financial situation and chooses a unique mix of things to invest in. This "investment planet" will run on virtual CHF until you feel like investing.

Your friendly online personal investor

The best part comes once you add money to your planet. Selma will take care of everything for you – check markets and buy, sell and scout for better products. 

The thing that makes Selma different from other ways to invest online is that she always matches investments also with your life situation. For example, if you buy a flat or take a loan, Selma will tweak and trade your investments in a way that will match this new change. 


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Patrik Schär

Patrik is ex Banker and financial analyst that takes care of Selma's algorithm and customers. 

Selma Finance was founded 2016 and is regulated as independent Financial Advisor in Switzerland 🇨🇭.