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Hi! I'm Selma, your smart investment assistant. 🤓

I will help you to start investing like a pro.

Available and regulated in Switzerland 🇨🇭


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Together with Selma you find out which investments fit your financial situation

Selma does the math and helps you to find the investments that perfectly match your life. Your investments are crafted by our smart software, a Nobel Prize winning investment strategy and low-cost ETFs.


Your investments in one place - and always in balance

Selma puts together a personalized investment mix out of shares, bonds, real-estate and more.

She keeps an eye on the financial market 24/7, so you don’t need to. Whenever the market changes, your investments get adjusted.

Your life changes too! And so should your investment strategy. Whenever there are changes in your financial life, Selma will adjust the strategy.


What really made a big difference, for me, was Selma's close contact with customers.


Selma gives me a certain peace of mind that I do not get from other ways of investing. 👍

Juan Carlos

With Selma I can invest without this nagging feeling.


I was positively surprised how clear and easy everything was depicted.



 Secure bank account 🔐

Your cash and stocks are protected by Saxo Bank (Switzerland).

Start with CHF 5’000

Get a global mix of investments for an initial small sum.

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Add or withdraw money at all times.


Tax report

Selma provides you with everything you need for your Swiss tax report.

For Swiss residents

Available to over 18-year-old Swiss residents. 🇨🇭

Ask us anything!

Our Selma crew is always available for you via live chat.


Built with people like you 💪

Join Selma contributor community and help in changing the way how investing is done.


One simple monthly fee covers everything.
No hidden costs, no kickbacks.


Selma fee, from CHF 3 / month

0,72% per year

The monthly service fee includes:

  • All transactions
  • All bank costs
  • Stamp duty
  • Swiss tax statement
  • 24/7 monitoring of markets
  • Adjustments of investments (trading)
  • Adjustments of investments to changes in your life
  • Automatical detection of under- and overpriced markets
  • Selma Crew support via live chat and email
  • All future Selma service updates

Product costs, from ~ CHF 1 / month

av. 0,2% per year

Products that Selma buys and sells on your behalf always come with costs of their own. Selma will keep on looking for the most cost-efficient ways to invest for you.

Price Example

Your total costs for investing CHF 15'000 with Selma would be around CHF 11,50 / month.


Investing money should be easy to understand, efficient, fairly priced and exciting. We’re building Selma so that anyone can enjoy investing – regardless if you’re a pro or just starting up. 😊

💙 Selma crew


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