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10 Reasons why to invest with Selma


Investing is important but also difficult and complex. Finding the right investmentservice is the first step.

Selma analyses your financial situation and chooses the best investments for you. Your investments are contineously adjusted to your life situation and changes in the financial market. 

  1. Get started with investing in just 5 min, without any financial lingo and hidden fees.

  2. Get a smart mix of investments, that really fits your financial life, goals, future earnings and your risk willingness.

  3. Reduce your risk and spread your investments across the globe and investment categories! Including Swiss & international company stocks, loans, real estate, gold or private equity.

  4. Let Selma track financial markets 24/7 and automatically buy, sell & adjust your investments for you.

  5. Buying a house, getting a loan or switching job? Selma makes sure your investments always fit your life.

  6. Selma measures if investments are cheap or expensive, to lower the risk you are taking and to take oportunities in markets.

  7. Selma is regulated in ūüá®ūüá≠ and keeps your money safe on a Swiss Bank account hosted by Saxo Bank Switzerland.

  8. Start investing without any hidden costs. One simple, fair and transparent fee that covers it all.

  9. Add or take out money whenever you want - for no extra costs.

  10. Selma is built together with you. Join our community of 3000+ Users and give input and feedback on our open product roadmap.