10 reasons why to invest with Selma Finance

Investing is important but it can be very difficult to start with. Finding the right investment service is the first step.

Selma takes a look at your your financial big picture and chooses the best investments for you. Your investments are automatically adjusted to your life situation and changes in the financial market. 


Get investing done in 10 minutes

Selma is one of the first Swiss companies that implemented a digital account opening process.


Get a personalized investment plan

Selma takes a look at your financial life and chooses the right investments for you.



Invest around the world

Swiss stocks, company loans, real estate, gold.... With Selma you don't have the risk of putting "all eggs in the same basket." 


Smart trading for you

Once you invest, we will follow markets 24/7. We will also automatically buy, sell & adjust your investments for you.



Automated life adjustments

With Selma, your investments will always match with your financial life


The perfect timing

Selmas algorithms measures over and undervaluations of the market in order to figure out when to buy and sell investments for you. 




Selma is a regulated in Switzerland šŸ‡ØšŸ‡­. Your money and investment products are safe at your Saxo Bank (Switzerland) bank account.


One transparent monthly fee

... covers all that Selma doesNo hidden costs. No kickbacks.



Add and take money out 

... at any time. It's free. 


Selma is built with you

Join our community of 3000+ users and have a say how Selma works. Check out our contributor wallopen product roadmap for inspiration.