Selma, your personal investment assistant

Everything you need to start investing today

You need to bring the money though 😉


What do I get?

Selma looks into all aspects of your life and puts together an individual investment plan that fits your goals and future. She accompanies you and will keep your investment plan on track for years to come.


Your individual investment plan

Tailor-made for you, Selma puts a plan and a strategy together that work for you and your future.


A secure new bank account

Opening an account with Selma means you get an account in your name at our custodian bank: Saxo Bank (Switzerland)


Truly personal support

By Selma, your constant companion and investment assistant, as well as an attentive (human) support crew.

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Swiss Tax Report

One of the things that seem difficult when investing is your tax situation. Selma provides you with everything you need.

What does Selma do then?

Selma puts your investment strategy into action. She knows exactly what to do, because of her deep insight into the market and managing all kinds of investment products.



Selma takes difficult decisions for you

She looks at market conditions, figures out the right time and starts investing your money step-by-step.


Market monitoring

Selma monitors markets 24/7 to keep an eye on new, better and cheaper investment products for you.


Smart trading

Selma uses a very robust and proven investment strategy based on constantly measuring over and under valuations of markets.


Financial life Adjustments

Your life and your investments should match. Personalised interaction by Selma makes sure investments always fit your situation.

What do I have to do?

You lean back, make sure you are able to keep money on the investment account for at least 3-5 years in order to get the benefits of your long-term investment strategy.


Transfer money

Choose your investment sum and deposit it on your new Selma (and Saxo Bank) account. It should be around 5’000 CHF or more 😊

Keep Selma up-to-date

Why? Simply so Selma can make sure, the investment strategy still fits your life, your "private banker" tries to tailor everything to you as much as possible.


What does the bank do?

All the boring stuff 😉


Banks (especially the Swiss ones) are very good at keeping money safe. Did you ever see the Gringotts vaults in Harry Potter? Assuming there are no dragons living in Switzerland, we’re saying your money should be pretty damn safe there.


Selma is a regulated wealth manager in Switzerland. 🇨🇭 This allows us to manage your money. The account with Saxo Bank (Switzerland) is in your name though - this is why you can withdraw money, transfer money or close your account at any time.

We will focus all our energy and expertise on managing your investments, weil the bank does… well all the bank stuff.