How should you invest in Switzerland?


Yes, investing is important but finding the right investment is not easy. Here are the most common investments in Switzerland.🇨🇭

A mixed investment fund

The great thing about mixed funds is that you invest very broadly and thus spread the risk. Usually, they are available with different risk levels. However, investment funds can be quite expensive. Always check the small print.


With stocks, you can invest in companies you really believe in. This emotional decision can make your investments riskier if you only bet on one or a few companies.

Structured products

Are pre-packed investment strategies with options, commodities, debt issuance, foreign currencies etc. This advanced investment solution can come with risk/return profiles that are very different from usual investments such as stocks or bonds. It is important to understand how the structured product works and in which market conditions it generates profits.

Real estate investment

Is usually a solid long-term investment with many great benefits (such as the own usage) but also brings some work. The biggest disadvantage is the low liquidity (your capital is blocked).

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